Protein in Rice

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Normally our body need 2 gram of protein per 1 kilogram of body weight for healthy individuals. So if you weight 60 kilograms, you will need to eat at least 132 grams per day.

Soybean contains 35 percent of protein in which you will only eat 1 kilogram of soybean, you will get 350 gram of protein more than enough of 132 grams that our body needed per day. Soybean can produce protein at least 2 times more than meat product, however, to be safe, you need to cook before eat because raw soybean contain enzymes and acids that cause serious side effect for your digestive tract.

Rice contains 7 percent of protein which is also a good source of protein. If you need 132 gram per day of protein, you need to eat 2 kilograms of rice to get enough protein. It is a recommendation that rice should be paired with other high protein foods in order to receive the maximum benefits.