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Our uniform was designed for a hygienic food processing factory or facility.

Alcohol Spray

Sanitation of Food Factory. Decontamination of Hands and Food Utensils with Alcohol.

Pest Control

Pests pose a major threat to the safety and suitability of food. Good hygiene practices should be employed to avoid creating an environment conducive to pests. Good sanitation, inspection of incoming materials and good monitoring can minimize the likelihood of infestation and thereby limit the need for pesticides.

Glass Control

Our company’s enduring commitment to food safety and quality assurance is rooted in our Quality Risk Management Process that is applied to our factories and co-packers program, in an effort to eliminate glass hazards throughout the factory.

Food Grade Specification

We use Food Grade Specifications in every part that is in contact with rice including machine, silo, color, and conveyor.

Acrylic Cover

The production line is a closed system to ensure dirt from the air does not come in contact with the product.

Epoxy Floor

The FDA and USDA have approved a broad range of epoxy flooring systems. High-solid epoxies provide outstanding protection against acids and alkalis.

Suitable for clean-room floors is a self-leveling epoxy system utilizing a 100% solids binder resin with a blended aggregate, which is easily applied with a notched trowel or squeegee and back rolled with a texture roller.