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Color Sorter Machine

Color sorters are integrated with high optic precision electronics that combine embedded system and digital image techniques. This is a solution for separating unwanted contamination and foreign material from good material. The final result is a uniform and single color product which adds value to our food grain products.

The Thickness/Width Separator

The Thickness/Width Separator is developed for size separation of various grains. This machine is widely used at various large scale rice mills and grain processing plants to produce high quality products because it can separate broken and immature grains easily and efficiently.

Vitamin Feeder

Highest quality auger filling machine, PLC control, computerized temperature control. The machine was designed for automatically metering and filling vitamins. The filling quantity is accurately controlled by a corresponding pulse and conforms to the GMP food standard metering mode.

De-stoning machine

High quality range of rice de-stoning machine that is widely used in many modern rice and grain mills. The machine is used to separate stones and heavy impurities from rice.

Length Grader

Length Grader separates 1 or 2 kinds of broken or shorter grains from whole grains, by length. Accordingly, this machine is a must have for rice millers and seed makers who wish to obtain high quality products.

Polishing Machine

The Rice Polishing Machine cleans the surface of rice, significantly enhancing the appearance and quality of rice kernels.

Automatic Baler Machine

The completed automatic packing system, is a machine used to contain finished product into outer packaging and to make all of our products have the same standard our customers require.

Automatic Packing Machine

Complete automatic rice packing machine, with fully automatic feeding, measuring, filling, bag making and date printing that ensures a fast and accurate packing operation.