Rice Compress Ball For Face

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  • Benefits: Pain relief, relaxation, anti-inflammation and blood flow enhancer
  • Rice Herbal Compress Ball for face can promote silky smooth skin by using a mixture of herbs and rice to remove dead cell and also improve blood circulation while massaging on your skin. You will enjoy the aromatic of rice and feel relaxing.
  • According to the research “The comparison of rice compress ball and herbal compress ball react to skin temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate” by Jantip Namswang in Technology and Physical Therapy Magazine on 2 May-August, 2011, show the same result of reaction to skin temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate between rice and herbal compress ball in the back of 44 volunteers (women aged 25-45) for 20 minutes because herbal and rice are both heat conductor. However, the herbal compress ball always leave yellow stain to the body and clothes and also consumes more time on preparing process and has a short shelf-life. So, rice compress ball is a better option with many benefits.